Monday, 16 September 2013


Hello my lovely followers, yet again it has been a while since my last blog, but i have been through a few changes in my life.  My first big change was going through a very big operation, i had a gastric by-pass on August 1st 2013, on the morning i weighed 19.1 stones which is 121.2 kilo 267.4 pounds, now 6 weeks 4 days i now weigh 17.4 stones 110.5 kilo 243.6 pound, so to say i am happy is an understatement lol.

It has been a very hard process, but been very worth it, but am still learning my tolerances with my foods as one day i van eat something but the next it will disagree with me, but leave it a few days and i will be fine with it
    Me the night before my op, i'm not scared at all                         
The sexy stocking i had to wear for the 6 weeks 

A couple of before and after pics