Friday, 29 June 2012

Yummy lemon tops from Redcar

promise i didnt eat it :~S

mum eating her lemon top
Lily grace

really enjoying her lemon top

On a different note, get yourself over to the SplodgeAway blog, as there is a give away, all the information is on there, so why not have a look. 

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day trip with dad to Berwick

had a day trip to the KOSB museum in berwick, the KOSB is the regiment my dad served in when he was in the army
The start of the KOSB

is your bed this tidy :~S

cheecky sea gull 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

long time no blog :~S

Well here i am again, yet again its been a long time since i blogged, i am sooo sorry.  Well the last few weeks have been bad for me, i have been getting worked up about everything when i shouldn't, but am feeling a lot better, i am just getting into the swing of it all again.

well today is Thursday, and i have been to the Suzicraft coffee morning, I didn't do much crafting, but really enjoy the company, and the cups of tea are the best.  We had a little party today for Sue, as it was her birthday on Sunday, the parties are JAMAZING, especially when Joyce (the cake boss) makes cakes, she made a sheep cake for Sue, but i was a good girl and never had any :~D.

I really enjoy going to Suzicraft, Tom (the SplodgeAway King) and Sue (who wants a goat) are really kind, friendly and very funny.

well i am off to do some crafting now ( as i didn't do any this morning lol ), so i will say T T F N and
Happy Crafting x

PS get yourself over to the SplodgeAway blog, to see what amazing projects the design team have made :~D