Thursday, 14 June 2012

long time no blog :~S

Well here i am again, yet again its been a long time since i blogged, i am sooo sorry.  Well the last few weeks have been bad for me, i have been getting worked up about everything when i shouldn't, but am feeling a lot better, i am just getting into the swing of it all again.

well today is Thursday, and i have been to the Suzicraft coffee morning, I didn't do much crafting, but really enjoy the company, and the cups of tea are the best.  We had a little party today for Sue, as it was her birthday on Sunday, the parties are JAMAZING, especially when Joyce (the cake boss) makes cakes, she made a sheep cake for Sue, but i was a good girl and never had any :~D.

I really enjoy going to Suzicraft, Tom (the SplodgeAway King) and Sue (who wants a goat) are really kind, friendly and very funny.

well i am off to do some crafting now ( as i didn't do any this morning lol ), so i will say T T F N and
Happy Crafting x

PS get yourself over to the SplodgeAway blog, to see what amazing projects the design team have made :~D


  1. thanks Dimps, glad you enjoy popping over. I had a really nice time and Susan was really please about her secret party. :)

  2. i loved that dimps, sue who loves goats ,laughed my head off!!!xxxxglad your back xxx