Monday, 16 September 2013


Hello my lovely followers, yet again it has been a while since my last blog, but i have been through a few changes in my life.  My first big change was going through a very big operation, i had a gastric by-pass on August 1st 2013, on the morning i weighed 19.1 stones which is 121.2 kilo 267.4 pounds, now 6 weeks 4 days i now weigh 17.4 stones 110.5 kilo 243.6 pound, so to say i am happy is an understatement lol.

It has been a very hard process, but been very worth it, but am still learning my tolerances with my foods as one day i van eat something but the next it will disagree with me, but leave it a few days and i will be fine with it
    Me the night before my op, i'm not scared at all                         
The sexy stocking i had to wear for the 6 weeks 

A couple of before and after pics

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Long Long time no see

Hi all, just a short one today,I know I said at the beginning of the year I said I would not leave it so long to Blog, sorry, but I have been getting my head around an operation i am going to have soon, but as soon as I am well enough I will be back to blogging.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Baby Book

Just before Christmas, i became a great auntie again :-D  so i made a little book for mummy x

enjoy xx

Happy Crafting xx

Sunday, 6 January 2013

First of 2013

Hello, I know its been a very long time since the last blog I did, This year i will try and do more blogs and keep up with blogs that i follow.

So to start off with, i will put up a few pics from last year x

I can see you mammy

such hard work being this cute x

 I am so tired mammy, give me a snuggle plz x

mammy my feet are getting cold

stop it mammy, no more pictures plz

my last ice cream before my diet started :(

cheecky chops x

your hat looks better on me daddy hehe

says it all x

Joan before she puts her make-up on :)
 Joan just after she put her make-up on  (sorry)

hope you like, and see you all soon again xx

Happy Blogging xx

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Create & Craft & SplodgeAway masks

Well Tom, Maria & Dawn Bibby have finished there show, so i thought i would put the pics of the cards I made as demos for the show, hope you like xx

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Early mornings and bad dreams

Well it's 5:53 on Thursday morning, and I have woken up after having a not so bad, bad dream, not a happy bunny :-(

Hate it when that happens, you wake up with such a start and the dream still running through my thoughts, that you can't get back to sleep (ARRGGG)

Well that little rant is over, so think I will go play in my room for a bit, then try to get back to sleep, so I can watch Tom Johnson, Maria Simms and Dawn Bibby on Create & Craft (671 sky, 36 freeview) @ 12pm Thursday 27th September, with more SplodgeAway and some really fantastic new products, that the design team have had the pleasure to play with, and create some wonderful demo's for you to see and give you inspiration to make your own beautiful creations, so please tune in, and enjoy the show

Ok now I'm off to play so see you all soon xx

Happy Crafting XX

Monday, 24 September 2012

SplodgeAway watercolour

This is my SplodgeAway project for watercolour, hope you enjoy xx

W for Water colour

SplodgeAway Mat
SplodgeAway Easyink
Clarity Stamp                        Corset & Script
Adarondak ink                      Latte
Distress ink                           Mild Lavender
                                                Dried Marigold
5 X 5 Card blank
Scalloped Die
Grand Calibur
Craft knife
Water Brush
Viva Decor Inka Gold
Hessian patch

Stamp the image onto Easyink, using Adarondak ink twice.  Use the largest scalloped die on one of the images, with the other image cut out the bodice.

 Using the distress inks, colour in both images using the SplodgeAway mat and water brush.

Distress the scalloped circle with dried marigold and edge with inka gold, also distress the card.

3D foam the bodice onto the other image.  Get a piece of hesian and fray the edges, stick it to the card.  Mount the scalloped circle onto the hesian.

Add a senterment and embelishments

Have fun and Happy Crafting x