Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Early mornings and bad dreams

Well it's 5:53 on Thursday morning, and I have woken up after having a not so bad, bad dream, not a happy bunny :-(

Hate it when that happens, you wake up with such a start and the dream still running through my thoughts, that you can't get back to sleep (ARRGGG)

Well that little rant is over, so think I will go play in my room for a bit, then try to get back to sleep, so I can watch Tom Johnson, Maria Simms and Dawn Bibby on Create & Craft (671 sky, 36 freeview) @ 12pm Thursday 27th September, with more SplodgeAway and some really fantastic new products, that the design team have had the pleasure to play with, and create some wonderful demo's for you to see and give you inspiration to make your own beautiful creations, so please tune in, and enjoy the show

Ok now I'm off to play so see you all soon xx

Happy Crafting XX

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