Wednesday, 4 July 2012

will i be famous aswell ??

Well the big day is nearly upon us, the amazing Tom and the talented maria will be gracing our screens on the 5th July @ 12 noon, with the show Splogical insperations on Create and Craft (channel 671 for sky TV or channel 36 for free view and freesat veiwers its 813 ).

The design team have worked really hard to make beautiful cards, tags, bags and allsorts to show you the wonderful things you can do and make when using the SplodgeAway mat or masks.

The last few days have been hectic, with packing, labelling, stickering and enveloping the SplodgeAway products, ready for the show, but its been fun @ times, with jee-wizzing and steam *punking ( lol jimbo), but it all got finished and now the excitement can begin.

So now its time to blog-off, and hope you enjoy the show.

PS  why not go over to the SplodgeAway blog, as there is a position open for a SplodgeAway designer, so if you fancy it, why not take a look.


  1. lmaooo Dimps hope Tom doesnt slip up tomorrow cos i'll get the blame lol hugs xxx

  2. I have asked Tom and Maria to give us a Wave in the Shop - not sure if they'll get the msg. Lovin your knew blog dimps where did you get it from??????