Monday, 23 April 2012

busy busy beeee

Well hello again, sorry its been a while since the last time i blogged, but have been really really busy.
today has been a fun day, it started @ 8am when my dad rang,  so me and Pip went to see him, well i  thought it was going to be a nice relaxing morning, having a few cups of tea and doing a few jobs for father but NO, he decided he wanted a new laptop (SIGH) so we went all the way to Argos in Hartlepool for his laptop ( he also got a printer FREE , luck old sod), got back to his and my brother Graeme, turned up, we all had a cuppa, then i left bout 1pm to go to Suzicraft to see my BUD Freda.

Was going to take Pip home, but thought i would take her to the shop with me, as i wasn't going to stay long, but that never worked out lol.   Kaye, Karen, Mo and Freda were @ the shop, so i introduced Pip to everyone, but Pip being Pip, she hid behind me and tucked her tail up under her chin LOL.  Sue and Tom came in today as they had a rep meeting, Sue found a tennis ball, and let Pip play with it, it was sooooo funny watching Pip run up and down the shop chasing the ball, (luckily there were no customers in the shop @ the time) Pip then decided to pop the ball so it didn't bounce anymore. ( little bugger she is :~S )  i bought few things, then left bout 5pm (told you it never worked out LOL)

Is now laid in bed with hubby (sat with his netbook looking @ eBay) and Pip (snuggled under the cover keeping me warm), so i am going to finish my weight watcher hot chocolate and then sleep, as it is another busy busy day tomorrow ( crafting @ Savonts )

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  1. what a good day it the pipsterxxx