Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Can't Escape

Well here i am, in the hotel with Ian, just had a lovely morning in Bowness-in-Windermere, and what a lovely little town it is, the shops are lovely and Windermere was Jamazing.  We had a little walk around the town and bought a few gifts for people, still have a few to get.  while in the town Ian was shocked to see a Stagecoach bus (not), as he thought he had escaped them for a few days lol.

Ian Can't escape work

I wonder what's around the corner ?

Poor Pip, all tired out 

Last night we had our evening meal at the restaurant in the hotel and was served by the manager himself Wayne, what a friendly man he is, and the staff were the same.  This morning we had our breakfast and guess who served us, yes you got it Wayne lol, must be a very fit man to work so hard,   we came back from our day trip in Bowness-in-Windermere and went in the bar and had a little drink and now we are back in our room.  later we are going to have a go in the swimming pool and chill till dinner time, i wonder what tomorrow will bring ?


  1. dying to see some pics dimpley!! Enjoy xxx

  2. welcome to blogland dimply! sounds like you had a lovely holiday now back to rality. karen x