Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Will i ever stop

Well yet again it has been a busy week up to now, don't think i have stopped.

Monday i was looking after my pops, then popped in to Suzicrafts for a natter with Freda, Kay, Karen and Mo.  Took pip with me to the shop, and she had the best time ever, Sue and Tom popped in, as they had a meeting, Tom fed her biscuits and Sue gave her a tennis ball to play with, she loved it, running up and down the shop ( luckily there were no customers @ the time).
having to give Pip a cuddle coz she was so tired
 out from all the playing 

Tuesday i left the house @ 9am, and had the best time ever crafting @ Savont with Sue.  Harry and Thomas sat and watched Tom and Ian (Savonts) play on computer games, then took over the TV over and watched cartoons :~D, Savont made tea (which was SCRUMPTIDDELYUMPTIOUS) we had chicken cooked in gravy, green tree (broccoli), green beans, roasted parsnip (normally don't like but fell in love with lol), spuds, carrots and white tree (cauliflower), didn't get home till 7:30ish pm, poor Ian (mine) had to cook his own tea :~S, but was an awesome day.

Wednesday (2day) has been another busy day, first off all i needed to go Staples and pick my new printer up :~D its wicked, no wires to the computer, its all wireless, then i popped to Suzicraft, to drop in my homework for Tom lol, then i had an appointment for an eye test, which took bloody forever, and have found out my eyes are not to bad but need goggles for computer and crafting :~S, but got a bargain £85 buy 1 get 1 free, so i can have some for home and leave my others in my craft box for when i go to class, and obviously i had to get pink and purple (suzicraft colours hehe), so with my eye appointment taking so F***KING long :~O,i missed my docs appointment @ 3pm, so now i have to go in the morning @ 9:30am, and miss the start of the Thursday class, so am not happy.

So Thursday is going to be another hectic day, then Friday Ian (mine) is off work, so we gotta go get his bike wheel fixed then go to pops again and do my jobs, then hopefully i will get a sit down when i get home :~s

Saturday is the free craft day @ Suzicrafts, i also have a meeting with Tom as i am on the SPLODGEAWAY (I'm a splodge-a-holic) team, with Tom, Savont, Sam, Crafting Karen, Annette lee and others i am not sure :~S.

Fingers crossed i can have a chill day Sunday, might even send Ian shopping lol,

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  1. omg dimps youve been busy!!!glad you girls had a good time see you tomorrow!!xx